25 thoughts on “50 m Super yacht ship wrecked on the rocks fail

  1. Jangle2007

    Do I understand this correctly? A multimillion dollar yacht, a supposedly competent crew, they drop anchor before or during a Force 9 wind, and nobody is awake and on watch? Somebody had
    a lot of explaining to do!

  2. FOscum

    Assholes. Zero watch keeping in a storm. Zero alarms?? no engine on idle??? Don’t ever close a Lee shore ??? Hah ??? F’ing joke. Lucky Packet Skippers. Wann-be Captains. Get a proper skipper like me !!!

  3. p1946

    No drugs or whores on board. The golden rule would have saved it, sadly the owner’s wife and girlfriends would be out of bounds.

  4. Jason walton

    i know this yacht and was moored next to them in ibiza about three years ago and all the crew and guests were taking cocaine, I know this cause I knew one of the crew who had just started.

  5. jim jenks

    The expression setting an anchor watch in a gale was clearly lost on this mob . . .

    What’s the expression? All the gear and no idea?

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