14 thoughts on “Adastra Super Yacht by McConaghy Boats

  1. maxtheaxe33

    JW, the easy solution is to get inside and start drinking the kind of expensive piss the likes of whom can afford to pay 14MUS for a hole in the sea can afford to drink…

  2. maxtheaxe33

    Seen this boat twice now: once in Kamala Bay, Thailand, and the other time in Sai Kung, Hong Kong. What a stunning piece of kit this is!

  3. jess wilcox

    If I where to spend $14 million on the coolest looking trimaran ever, I’d be a little disappointed when it the boat gets up to speed in calm seas and the whole foredeck seems to be getting soaked.

  4. turtleorgasmface

    It’s a bit sneaky saying that the 16 metre beam creates a large saloon when in reality only about 6.5 metres are useable…

  5. Dan Pershing

    Bigger!!! Get this same design into the super-yacht category. Imagine a non-stop from Rio to Monte Carlo.

  6. TheExecutiveBanana

    Sometimes I wish I was rich enough for one of these. Just kidding. I wish that all the time.

  7. pIatinger

    “efficient long range cruising” – the only reason not to choose a wally power 🙂

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