21 thoughts on “ADASTRA, un super yacht trimaran qui ressemble à un vaisseau spatial

  1. Leo Ferus

    oh my god!Star wars lives!at last! it looks like a nubian ship!…what if earth later is called Naboo?oh my God!Darth Vader will live then!

  2. joemchang

    Its funny to see sleeping quarters on this thing, its like having a carseat in a ferrari

  3. Everett Cox

    Multihulls are inherently more stable than monohulls. I don’t know about “tide” but I’ve had my boat in 3-4′ lake water and it flew flat and straight. The landings were very hard because it was a flat-bottomed boat so I tried to keep it out of the air.

  4. cubanboy740

    The trimaran, an extrimly old type of vessil, used by the native pasific people to travel thousands of miles island hopeing, this type of vesil is great.

  5. SH1974

    If I’d have the sum for such a boat, I’d buy another boat.
    Altough it looks very impressive, (no doubt!)
    I don’t really like that style.

  6. Everett Cox

    I used to own a trimaran. Only 24′ but would run over 100 with 700hp. Loved that boat.

  7. blackblitzo

    si y pourrait aller sous l’eau, il serait génial …mais la c’est juste un très beau bateau…

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