17 thoughts on “Admiral 54 Super Yacht

  1. grandroy slam

    go to africa you´╗┐ will sale very nice yacth from the out side Inside look’s like a toy what a shame

  2. chris james

    nice boat but ive been´╗┐ in less sleazier brothels
    ..lacks class on the inside for sure FACT

  3. boscgo

    this is a contemporary masterpiece, its unusual to come across a superyacht design which keeps consistent with the exterior and interior design. Luca Dini wanted to differentiate from standard designs and ‘push boundaries’ and it was agreed that this theme should occur in both the interior and exterior. something truly spectacular was therefore created. this is a design revelation´╗┐ where a unique concept has become a reality.

  4. crazedgamer032

    you people call this ugly?! this IS contemporary style!´╗┐ you know nothing of it! how can you insult such a great designer!? this ship is 78MiL$ in USD like you could even afford it the way you say its “ugly” fuck you./

  5. Alex Anders

    Wow very current and will stay this way for some time by the looks of it.
    Whats the´╗┐ Charter fee.

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