25 thoughts on “Asphalt Yacht Club Launch Party

  1. cookieandgizmo

    Fuck this fake ass bullshit , the only reason im gonna buy a shirt is so i can wipe my ass with it after i got a serious case of the shits.

  2. EazeandSteez

    Everytime i see this video in my recommendations i un-dislike then dislike it again! FUCK the asphalt yacht club and what it’s worth.

  3. Rubens Cavarra

    once you have money , get a brand, support them (the stars) with coc…, drinks and hot chicks, people start spending their money on this brand. I love how the stars think are famous or better than other people. Till when some people support this kind of sh……?

  4. bklyncrook

    Not even on that level of gangsta shit. At least Supreme did a Ghostface Killah board for his Fish scale album. The whole Supreme Clientele angle and that’s dope. Also the Rakim on a board. Those were dope crossovers with dope artists. Not this shit tho, this shit reads Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger and the Hamptons types. Like on some Polo sport shit.

  5. Painless1992

    This is fake as fuck. Disgusting. Marketable shit just because of the “skateboarding is cool nowadays” stomp. Gay club.

  6. AbyssiusMaximus

    Dude you are a retard…are you some fucking E-lawyer “your argument is invalid” fucking lol go eat a dick hoecake

  7. Jonny Noval

    That “bioootch” word you’re saying makes you sound more gay.your argument is invalid

  8. Tom Campbell

    Just to get this off of my chest, I fucking hate rob dyrdek with a passion…i hate him with every inch of my body. Those fucking lips just make me want to commit suicide. Worst pro skater of all time award goes toooooo……..DYRDEK!!!!

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