15 thoughts on “Asphalt Yacht Club

  1. Brandon Miller

    If you dont like the brand then dont like it, nobody gives a fuck about your opinion.

  2. adriano ravcor

    Great fucking Team, Figgy and Riley killin it as the rest and Nyjah landing all his tricks oh so crispy. Good skating

  3. Elmarcyboy

    I read Altamont dismissed their skate team. That’s the reason why Reynolds is riding for Emerica apparel now.

  4. Jacob Hibbeln

    I was thinking that at first too. But look at the Nike team. It’s pretty fucking random. I don’t see anybody hating on their team.

  5. kushgnar

    how can you put, nyjah, and Stevie Williams , on the same fucking team as, figgy and Riley?!!!! this is a damn shame! SMFH

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