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Coast Guard saves captain who fell off yacht

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On Wednesday, the Coast Guard rescued a captain who fell off a ninety five foot yacht. The officials of the Coast Guard stated that he fell overboard from the vessel around ten miles off Nassau. Crews coming back to Miami were able to attain him after they caught a mayday call coming from the vessel named “Contessa.”

Once they found out the captain, they were able to ran him up to safety and then treat him for minor wounds. After that the captain was taken to Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau.

Meanwhile, Elisha McCallion, the Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council, became a part of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race founder and chairman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston for the naming event of Derry-Londonderry-Doire yacht entry in 2015-16 season.

The event at race’s Gosport headquarters located in Portsmouth Harbour also watched the yacht’s captain named as thirty one year old Daniel Smith from Scotland. Daniel is an experienced instructor and yachtsman he would lead the team on its forty thousand mile, eleven month ocean race series that gets underway on 30th August, from London. Continue reading

Yacht Market of China is losing steam

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The wealthiest citizens of China are not a huge fans of yachts. Unlike the mega riches of other nations, they would rather purchase luxury hotels or private planes than buying boats. Once, the Italian Trade Commission figured that just one out of every 318 high-net-worth individuals in the mainland China owns a yacht, and that figure is twenty five in Hong Kong.

Now, the yacht market of China is losing yet another business source. The Chinese firms are casting out luxury boats, as they concern the ownership of this ultimate status symbol would invite unwanted attention in the midst of President Xi Jinping’s anti-graft push.

Showing off in this environment might lead to calamitous outcomes, as luxury is now connected to depravity, a crime which has as of now dragged down over seventy thousand cadres. The market actually slowed down earlier this year, as the top firms feel it is not right to purchase boats. Continue reading

Runaway couple may have stolen yacht

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Police are probing whether a runaway couple is behind the allegations of sexual assault and fraud might have stolen an expensive yacht and left the country. It has been over 8 months since the last affirmed sighting of Paul James Bennett, now 52, as well as his long-time partner Simone Anne Wright, now 38.

Police wanted to talk to the pair in linked with an alleged US$ 250000 fraud case involving HeliPower, a Canterbury helicopter company. The couple is also wanted over a sex assault on a teenage young lady in late 2000s.

The police department reported that they actually have no idea regarding where they are. Michael Jacomb, the HeliPower director, has put up a US$ 50000 reward for any info which leads to their arrest. Puckered into a corner of Wisconsin Exposition Center at the State Fair Park the past 2 weeks has been a US$ 1 million yacht which was getting all types of attention. Continue reading

Abu Dhabi hosting ISAF Sailing Worlds Final

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Abu Dhabi is the current venue for the prestigious ISAF Sailing World Cup Final this year. The Middle Eastern venue will witness some among the finest sailors from the all over the world at the inaugural Sailing World Cup ISAF Final this November.

The spectators would have this precious opportunity to meet up with the stellar sailors personally at the event apart from witnessing a power-packed action play over the mighty waves.

The high-profile event would feature a great bunch of Olympic and world champs which definitely ups the elite quotient of the championship. The Abu Dhabi sailing race is scheduled to feature ten Olympic classes & open kiteboarding competition.

According to sources, the ISAF Sailing World finale has promised a huge prize money worth 200,000 USD (734,605 Dh) for the winners. The competition will have eleven champs crowned and guarantee some real thrill for spectators all through this 4-day racing event.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind phenomenal event that has never been witnessed before. I am pretty sure that all the participant sailors are  very very thrilled to be a part of this championship”, remarked John Craig, the head of World Cup ISAF.

“The very fact that we’ve managed to get these world champ athletes and Olympians to sail here at Abu Dhabi as a part of this event offers the testimony to the magnanimous quotient of this competition.”

“As the event concludes, the spectators would have this amazing chance to personally meet up with our top participant sailors & take memorable shots with them”, Craig continued. “We are striving hard to make the event truly attractive to the fans.”

As many as 197 squads have taken part in this competition. In women’s field, it’s Charline Picon from France who has triumphed at all key regattas this year & is definitely looking forward to continue with that stellar from at UAE as well.