Blind Match Racing Sailing Event

The blind match racing sailing event that was scheduled from September 21st 2016 had to be delayed for several days as the teams had to wait for the fog to clear out and the wind to pick up.

There were five teams contesting that comprised of teams from Canada, Israel, Great Britain and United States. The world championship finally starts on Friday. The British team consisted of skipper Vicki, who was at the helm of the boat and the team emerged as an early leader as they won all the matches.

She stated that the conditions were congenial for the match. With the perfect wind strength and a little amount of disturbance in the water and waves the sailing was lovely. This dominant team practiced about three days before the contest on Friday. Vicki also credited the Blind Sailing program that offered them a glimpse of how teamwork can be achieved in a seamless manner even without proper vision.

However, she stated that the opponents in the race also performed well. Every team had fewer variations than the kind of performance they exhibited about two years ago. The training as well as the clinic, they attended last week bore fruits in the end. The principal race officer also stated that the US as well as the Canadian teams had improved since the last Worlds race they had sailed. USA 2 had Mark Bos as the skipper. Even though they did not get any wins the team came in with smiles on their faces. That is also because the blind team had not got time to practice as there was rough weather in the days before the competition was scheduled, Monday and Tuesday. Every team is confident of better performance in the consecutive days as the race progress.