25 thoughts on “Dino Yacht Club – ORIGINS

  1. Emil krebs sørensen

    Try make an episoids about the fact that birds are dinosaur’s and that a log of dinosaur’s looked much like birds in Real life

  2. Lauren Frances

    I do say Secretary Haegg (probably spelled it wrong… sorry) makes a fair point.

    Do girls still have to say ‘I do say’ for you to read the comments…?

  3. tnw567

    In fact as large animals, large dinosaurs were probably warm-blooded and needed large amounts of food to maintain their body temperature!

  4. tnw567

    How could such large animals survive the comet impact event, such as the “Impact Winter,” with no food, since the debris from the impact, as well as the smoke and ash from the forest fires generated by the impact itself, engulfed the planet and blotted out sunlight, causing plants to due with no sunlight, then the herbivores starved with no plants to eat, and then the carnivores starved with no herbivores to feed on?
    In fact, large animals need to eat large amounts of food.

  5. Rory Dimond

    Yea, I’m sure the whole thing would be funny except for the guys who created it….oh wait.

  6. Ayla Graf

    I do say, this was an enlightening experience. The countess doesn’t talk because she has nothing to say, I suppose)

  7. David D

    I do say, I rather think the question about why Erika not being about to talk like Charles and Willoughby is actually a rather fair one.

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