25 thoughts on “Dino Yacht Club – THE DEA IS HERE, PART 3

  1. TheRedKnight101

    The channel is dead people, after Ray left things went downhill, and the fact that this channel has lost so much support powerhouse will probably not come back. Which means Dino Yacht club also won’t come back.

  2. Elaine eniale

    Lol all they care is money huh? This sucks. Going to unsub. Thought to sub it due to powerhouse.

  3. TheBeast0911

    This channel is pretty much abandoned. Ever since Ray left because Maker studios tried to blackmail him, a lot of viewers left as well so they all decided to stop.

  4. WorldMartian

    I think this channel has been abandoned. They have a team of animators that work on the animation just for around 20,000 views a month, and not much more after. What’s the point?

  5. masonrocks36

    Da fuck are all da new episodes at on da real man its been months gonna have to unsubscribe soon

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