14 thoughts on “Drop City Yacht Club discuss how they produced ‘Crickets’ ft. Jeremih | Behind the Beat

  1. sam jamm

    seriously bro, u bring back the tunes that was abandoned by other rapper. Thanks to for made this music

  2. 1GoldRunner

    I really liked their song! It was clean and it had an awesome beat to it with a little bit of 8-pit inspiration to it! I hope they make more music like this because if they do their going to be ALL OVER the media for kids(since its clean), for teenagers, AND adults. Who isn’t going to love them???

  3. choctawgirl26

    2:47-3:02 is the BOMB! It sounds like a Michael Jackson chop and screw…if I could get a whole song just off of that chop, I would be in heaven! That was an eargasm

  4. ChickenConPolloHD

    I don’t know, you kind find it anywhere. It really sucks because it was funny and flashy.

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