25 thoughts on “Drop City Yacht Club- Imagine

  1. tancam101

    Does anyone that’s been with these guys since the beginning remember when they were The Freshman?

  2. Sherri Cruz

    This is so dope lol all these people talking about when they saw them first….Kris, Anthony…baaaawaaahhhh see WOW! How bout this “I remember when there were no comments and we were all like WTF is up with peeps” they just don’t know – Dreams do happen and yours just did …hard work pays off!

  3. David Le

    Watch when people start listening to them, they gonna act like they knew the song right when it came out hahaha

  4. jacob farmer

    rap is not only a black thing retard. these guys r very white and arent trying to act black. simple mother fucker.

  5. Amador92704

    Who cares if you’ve known about them for so long… Point is now there being heard by more people. I just started hearing them.. There music is great..

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