23 thoughts on “Introducing Asphalt Yacht Club

  1. Steven Conaway

    ugh. this is what happens when people with bad taste have creative control over every aspect of a brand. the team line up is kinda sik. stevie with ben??! ok lets see..could be dope. but this monologue was corny and poorly written. the lame 411VM commercial techie lines need to go. The idea that NIKE is a powerhouse in skateboarding is annoying as shit but nobody can deny how well they do skateboarding. This is because they know the importants of good design and campaigning..

  2. EdGreenTelle

    yeah man, fucking ripped shirts are the best m/
    ripped shirts is where skateboarding is at yeah!!!!!
    the brand is dog, but so are all stereotypes in skateboarding these days.
    Just go skate, thats what skateboarding is

  3. chris kelehar

    It all probably went down like this
    Stevie:”Yo Figgy, Riley, wanna be on clothing company?It’s all gonna be abo-”
    Figgy and Riley:” Sure, we’re stoked”
    Stevie:”-oh okay.cool”

  4. P4NC4K35

    Fuck you idiots. you could have built a concrete park for kids to skate for decades but instead you throw parties with paris hilton. This is everything that is wrong with cali skating.

  5. papan luncur


    good at skateboarding, terrible human beings.

  6. Josh Ornelas

    I don’t think people understand the name, it’s saying how skateboards are the yachts of asphalt

  7. Raphael Silva

    I really don’t know how to feel about this , the team is great, I love Riley , Ben and Figgy, the clothing line looks nice but this seriously looks like just money…
    I really hope that Figgy and Riley save this shit with some real trash skatin with ripped shirts and shit.

  8. fixinah

    this company is all about wanting yachts and nothing to do with skateboarding, fuck this.

  9. mrjfray

    There’s still real segments of skateboarding, Thrasher is still rolling hard and they like to rep locals like the Trunkboyz, Shepdawgs and guys like Shawn Ross.

  10. jacob waymaster

    Swag fags/posers are gonna be wearing this because it has a logo for a triangle

  11. jacob waymaster

    You gotta be kidding me. This may look cool now but I a mouth you’re gonna get a bunch if posers and swag fags thinking they’re cool wearing this brand. Smh. What is happening to skateboarding?…

  12. xXNissanDriftXx

    Damn a lot of hate going on towards this. I wouldn’t i fully support this brand, but i do not see why everybody is hating on it. Except the name of it. It’s pretty stupid. The hell is an Asphalt Yacht.

  13. d1ggitydan

    you’re one of the thousands of kooks that keeps shit storms raining heavy in skateboarding.

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