25 thoughts on “LUXURY MEGA YACHT-CRN 72m AZTECA

  1. Mark Venning

    awesome!! still nothing compared to bill gates yacht its like 6 of these yachts combined!

  2. Matteo Renna

    This yacht have all but i didnt saw it just 2 3 bitch on each bed :DDDD must be included when u buy it 😀

  3. jeryl1968

    its not good enough i dont like it now daddy go buy me a new yacht thats better and it better be nicer then this one lol aka paris hilton lol 

  4. Brisdad53

    I guess the FACT that you have no taste must be taken into account when reading your petty rants, huh? It must be a bitch going through life jealous at the success of others.

  5. Brisdad53

    You’re doing it all wrong… you only have to suck ONE!

    It just has to be the right one.

  6. Chuck Norris

    Depends, are you a whore? and how much do you like boats? whole lotta variable factor into that equation

  7. Selkie52

    Yawn!! Just another no-style, poorly decorated mega yacht built for people with no taste!!! The furniture is BORING!!

  8. Funckinnutcase

    Come on Powerball! I’d buy that bitch in a heartbeat for 90 million, if I only won 150 million lol. I’d have a crew from hell and almost never set foot on dry ground again.

  9. buddy smith

    This yacht price starts at 87.5m, i goggled it, but if you load it up your probably looking at 150m, add a couple million for the crew on the ship a year.The yacht company won’t even look at you unless you have a least 2 billion in the bank!

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