25 thoughts on “Maxi boat : super yacht PERSHING 115

  1. KJP`s corner

    @SpeedyNeutrino43 feel proud 😉 Because I`ve got even lower class yacht::
    25 years old pack, that is 12 foot fiberclass rowboat with 8 hp
    johnson…super lol ;))

  2. veedub447

    @grafli good question. I think I’d use it to buy some food and save lives
    of children in Darfur rather than piss it away on a big toy.

  3. SpeedyNeutrino43

    @SAAB7899 …I have a 15 foot fiberglass fishing boat with a 25 horsepower

  4. symbolyacht

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  5. csbird

    Who did the interior design? Your sister? Loose that and maybe someone will
    see the beauty of this yacht.

  6. wildpanthera

    i would love to see someone run over the pirates ! the law does not protect
    you ! what laws are there out in the ocean where nobody can see you anyway

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