24 thoughts on “New Balance 574 Yacht Club Sprite Review + On Feet 1080 HD

  1. PrimeTimeFalcons

    do you have or plan to get anything from the 574 Surfer Pack? They’re so clean and there’s literally zero videos on youtube on them

  2. KicksAreCool

    Hey Yoanty i am thinking about getting these for my dad for father’s day……Are they comfortable and do they fit true to size? He likes new balance so thanks. He needs new shoes haha!!

  3. Deshawn Bell

    I Copped these today when I saw your review these shoes are nice and nice video for these shoes

  4. BubbaThaPilot

    i would go up a half size if you like to have some space but if you like a very snug fit then stay true to size (p.s i’ve left my laced the way they came so if you losen or tighten the laces what i said may change)

  5. Phil King

    Copped these this week because of your review. So….. I’ll have to recharge you! Ha! Tx so much dude! Greetings from France ! Phil

  6. KickReviews13

    Hey guys, I host weekly reviews/GIVEAWAYS on my channel. This week we are giving away a pair of LEBRON X ‘ HOMES’. Just follow the steps in the description of the video.

  7. mrrobbiejenks

    Just copped these! I really love your vids and reviews, bro! Keep up the good work. God bless you.

  8. Champ1on23

    Sprite colorway?!?! Hypebeast!! haha nice review man. These colors work nicely together on the 574

  9. Yoanty

    @JWhite304 people that wear fake shoes are trying to be something they aren’t . It’s like why buy fake kicks when you can buy real ones like NB 574 that are still fresh.

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