24 thoughts on “Owl City feat. Lights – The Yacht Club

  1. Augusto Schmitt

    At least You don’t have my friends, cause when I show them Owl City, all I get in response is “This is so gay”…
    What can I do? I love it!

  2. OwlPortYoung

    You know what’s awesome. My school loves Fireflies. Even the guys. Too bad they dont know awhole alot of Owl City songs.

  3. NovafoxxKitsune

    Don’t tell ’em that. Just introduce them. They’ll respect you more for showing them good music.

  4. twistedmetalplayer21

    That happened to me yesterday. I mentioned Owl City and they are like O_o “who the fuck is Owl city?” and i said ” DONT CUSS IN THE SAME SENTENCE HAS OWL CITY” Then i strapped them to a chair and made them listen. 😀

  5. SugaryxMuffinsXx

    I wish that we could sail our sad days away forever
    In deep blue seas of paper mâché
    (Let’s dance in the moonlight)
    A barracuda chased our dog days away forever
    Let’s sink or swim ’til we fall in love
    (And dance in the moonlight)
    When we join the yacht club <3

  6. Lydia Chase

    thats wot i think
    my oldest friend is sooooo weird this is tasteful
    “lets dance in the moonlight

  7. Chilli popcorn

    i try not to talk about him with my friends because they say that he’s annoying 🙁 i dont know what there on about

  8. B3st0wls

    Seriously, why don’ more people know about Owl City? I talk to my friends about the Adam, and they’re like, “Who’s he?” and I reply, ” Ok, you know what, you’re really lame…”

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