24 thoughts on “Owl City -The Yacht Club (All Things Bright and Beautiful Album) Full Song 2011 HQ (iTunes)

  1. Jett Barratt

    I haven’t heard this song in about 5 months, and the beginning “dadaadaa” Part gave me goosebumps.

  2. CaterpillarConcert

    Whoops your right 🙂 I don’t know what the helicopter I was thinking.. I guess they kinda sound alike too. I think we have all gone mad

  3. paxton graham

    …SO lucky I could do that
    let see ahh got one…
    This song is more awesome then awesome

  4. CaterpillarConcert

    It’s Breanne Duren, she sings backup and in duets (ex. Honey and the Bee) a lot for Adam, but she also has some solo songs like “No One Else” and “Gold Mine”

  5. CaterpillarConcert

    Cinderella dropped the crystal ball??? Finally a Disney Princess does something wrong………. *Robert go buy ANOTHER one*

  6. Kon eko

    Haha I have a wall hang that says “Forget Love… I’d rather fall in CHOCOLATE” xD I don’t even like chocolate it just reminded me of this song. lol

  7. Daniel Rezania

    As an agnostic who was raised (very well) by a christian mother and an atheist-agnostic father, i think we should stop arguing about religion and just enjoy the music 🙂

  8. FooTheAwesome

    the sperm cell from the male fertilises the egg cell in the womb, the fertilised egg(embryo) then attaches itself to the wall of the womb thats how it gets the nutrients. it then carries out cell division until it grows into a baby.
    You’re very welcome

  9. Rach Park

    I know that! I’m a legal adult. I’m just saying that it’s amazing how babies are formed and such, and how people think that there is no Creator.

  10. Purplecheespieflavouredmuffins

    I’m not saying that there is no god, but scientists (and many other people) do know how babies are created, and it has nothing to do with god etc.

  11. hunnyybee

    ATTENTION HOOT OWLS!! Okay so I’ve put together some lyric videos using this amazing music and my own (adorable!:3) drawings! I have about 6 in total and they all took AGES to do:) It would absolutely make my day if any one of you awesome people could give my channel a little visit and take a look at one (and maybe even subscribe if you really like them!) Anyway, thanks so much!:3
    /(O>O)~ hootowlsftw:D

  12. phoenixokazaki

    how is it, that whereever I go there’s always an ELF lurking somewhere wDD so I’m just saying hi :3

  13. Jonathan Reed

    yet murder, rape, and stuff like that happens i’m sorry but science shows us how we breed

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