25 thoughts on “Redneck Yacht Club, Punta Gorda, Florida November 2011

  1. Jason Weatherall

    hey, if i think this looks likes the best weekend ever, and i love the trucks and girls and the beer, does this mean i might be a redneck?

  2. 21hicktown

    This is Excellent – Dirty Fun..!! This is the type of fun each of us should experience in our lifetime..!! Mud, dirt, beer (or drink of choice), camping and just hanging out with friends..!! Must visit again someday……. Be safe out there..!!

  3. 1988jmw

    so i have a mud truck and i want to paint it black and white and put police lights on the roof. anyone know if thats ok??

  4. CarlsCustomCreations

    AWESOME VIDEO, there’s nothing in the world better looking then a redneck girl!!!!!!

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