24 thoughts on “Rick Ross – Yacht Club (Remix) (feat. Triple C’s & Magazeen) [Official Music Video]

  1. Yahuveh Pay Day Ahead

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  2. aniluz soto

    not hate fact dont come to greensboro nc we dont let corectional officers front!gangsta disciples shut this fraud down

  3. nate4469

    y come to this page and hate? and this is not even a mainstream song so u first digged through this youtube songs and came here to hate. Ur life must be boring.

  4. Tierren32

    I love Miami ! But I also love Ft Lauderdale where this video was filmed as they cruise the Intercoastal canal

  5. alyssia gonzalez

    you right they sho do i say all the time now if he was joe blow at safeway or the dollar store females wouldnt even breath his way

  6. Doross Johnson

    I hate these bitches out here. they are whores who do anything once a man has money o popularity

  7. Veronica Urra

    AAAyyy nunca había visto este video…. ME ENCANTA… I NEED LYRIC… ALGUIEN ME AYUDA=?????? MMMMMmmmm Thanks.:.:.:.. <3


    Bubbles the model,she’s also in Gunplay’s Bogota video,you’re welcome in advance 🙂

  9. DJAAmusic

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