Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2014

The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2014, a traditional yacht as well as one of the tiniest in the fleet, it is matching that S&S 34 Wilparina of Nick Cannar is the 80th entry to be experienced in Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, the seventieth edition of Cruising Yacht Club of the famous annual event of Australia.

Among the crew of Wilparina would be Bill Ratcliff, who has combated the elements in forty five Hobart races crossing a long racing career, a number which is bettered by just 2 other yachtsmen and equaled by one other. Bill sailed ten of those races on his own S&S 34.

Nick Cannar told the @plainsailing twitter account that he was not going to do the race this year, but Ratcliff persuaded him. He is very much looking ahead to doing the race now. The 67 year old represent Greenwich Sailing Club. He added  that the crew is a much more experienced one this year and covers a wide spread of ages – from twenty five years old to Bill who is 78.

The race would be very long, at 628 nautical miles, tough slog aboard S&S 34, but Bill, who generally cruises Wilparina, is already aware of this. He also knows his vessel is at its best confronting harsh weather head on.  Bill would be in a great company. Joining New South Welshmen Nick and Bill on their journey south on the Boxing Day is Brian Caldwell, who in the year 1996 became the very first person under 21 to sail across the world.