Runaway couple may have stolen yacht

Police are probing whether a runaway couple is behind the allegations of sexual assault and fraud might have stolen an expensive yacht and left the country. It has been over 8 months since the last affirmed sighting of Paul James Bennett, now 52, as well as his long-time partner Simone Anne Wright, now 38.

Police wanted to talk to the pair in linked with an alleged US$ 250000 fraud case involving HeliPower, a Canterbury helicopter company. The couple is also wanted over a sex assault on a teenage young lady in late 2000s.

The police department reported that they actually have no idea regarding where they are. Michael Jacomb, the HeliPower director, has put up a US$ 50000 reward for any info which leads to their arrest. Puckered into a corner of Wisconsin Exposition Center at the State Fair Park the past 2 weeks has been a US$ 1 million yacht which was getting all types of attention.

Meanwhile, the yacht was part of Milwaukee Boat Show, a 7 day show for those who love boats throughout the southeastern Wisconsin. The lovely yacht was on exhibit by the Beacon Marine of Door County. The forty seven foot boat sleeps 6 and includes 2 bedrooms, a utility room along with a mattress which could be utilized for another bed as well as a full washer and dryer. It can also easily be depicted as deluxe and has a listing price of US$ 1070430.