7 thoughts on “Super Yacht Graziadiu [HD]

  1. shogunfogun

    Are you blind in your left eye?- would it kill you to pan to the left to show where its docking?

  2. shananagans5

    You get a boat that big moving fast & you are burning insane amounts of fuel. If you are burning 7 or 8 gallons per mile or more the space for & weight of fuel becomes the limiting factor in the range. If you are going 40 mph & burning 8 gallons per mile that is 320 gallons an hour. (I suspect its worse than that) At 40 mph you will travel 500 miles in 12 1/2 hrs & burn 4,000 gallons. It’s just not practical to carry much more fuel. Crazy but yea, I agree, nice yacht.

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