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At The Student Yachting World Cup

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At the fifth day of the Student Yachting World Cup, among the 14 teams that were given a warm welcome, France did extremely well and resulted in winning the trophy. While the USA team poured water to all the expectations by coming third. Switzerland showed an outstanding performance and uplifted their position to come second.

As because during the first race of the day, the wind speed was lower than the previous days, Scotland started badly and ended up being 9th. On the other hand Switzerland delivered a good progress and came second. Luck and hard work confirmed that France was unbeatable and USA came third in the first round.

The wind speed became even lower during the second race of the day. The soft skills of the teams and the keenness of the tuning with only 7 knots in the instruments made it very crucial for each crew. This time Germany led the race and sailed with a great speed. Though France and Switzerland were side by side when they were approaching the finishing line but finally Switzerland overtook Germany and ended up being first in the second race. Next to reach was Germany, USA and France. Though none of the teams stopped putting their heart and soul to conquer their places that they have lost.

At the third race of the day, though France was leading in the beginning but Switzerland managed to overtake them soon and finished at the first position keeping France at the 7th. Due to the left swing of the wind on the first leeward France struggled to get the first position but ended coming fourth after Switzerland, Australia and England.

In the afternoon, after the decisive round started the wind became very shifty. Australia was leading in the beginning after Ireland, Switzerland and England. After the first lap, France bucked up and led the race till the end keeping Switzerland Australia behind. Team USA came fourth and also had to pay a penalty charged due to a false start. The fight of the year at the Student Yachting World Cup ended confirming France at the top, with Switzerland and USA slipping to the second and third position.