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The 2018 Extreme Sailing Series is set to continue this yearas it has for the past 11 years. The organizers OC Sport have confirmed the 12th consecutive season as one that would feature eight major cities in three continents as part of a global tour.


The proposed continents are America, the Middle East and Europe. The first act is slated for Muscat, Oman in a month’s time. The 2018 edition would see foiling action begin on March 14-17.

Oman Sail CEO David Graham was excited to host the opening act for this campaign. He said they are happy to be the opening act for the eighth time. He was particular about their “world class stadium” that accommodates the hundreds of inbound travellers to see the “very accessible racing action.”

After the GC32 Racing Tour became recognized as a World Championship event last year, the Tour fleets and that of the second point scoring stage of the 2018 Extreme Sailing Series will combine in Lake Garda, Italy from 24 to 27 May. The next stop would be Barcelona, Spain. This is the second time for the host city. The fleet will be headed there from June 14-17 after a short rest.

The local organizers in Spain FNOB are hoping to pull more crowd than before to their end of the circuit. The fleet would then head towards Portugal from 5-8 July at yet to be named venue. The next target would be St Petersburg, Russia on 9-12 August. The venue is the iconic city centre stadium for the fourth time in the series.

As Wales celebrate the ‘Year of the Sea’ they would be the next host. As usual it would be part of the Cardiff Harbour Festival for the seventh time. Upon leaving Europe, San Diego would be the next destination of the fleet from October 18-21. The grand finale is set for Los Cabos, Mexico from November 29 to December 2.