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Sam Usher Back To The Waters

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: Sam Usher, the Runswick Bay sailor has been recently appointed as the regional developmental officer in 2014 for the Royal Yachting Association. The 30 year old was ecstatic with this news and says that it is thrilling to be back working for the sport which made his career. After having worked in Indonesia and Dubai this change is for the better he said. Having being chosen as the regional developmental officer Sam said in an interview that he began his days as a crew for other people in Runswick Bay Beach and Sailing Club. After that he got the freedom of sailing the Laser singlehandedly. That was the main turning point in his career and after that he never had to look behind as he sailed many different boats under his mother’s careful eyes.

The chairman of RYA for Yorkshire, David Staniforth was also very pleased to get Sam Usher back and he said that he is delighted to see Sam in his home waters and they are looking forward to make some developmental changes after this which will make sailing much better for everyone. He thinks that there is enough potential in everyone to get things working and their aim will be achieved in the quickest possible time.

Sam is really excited with his new work and he said that he will try and convey the passion that he has for sailing to the all the members he will be working with. He also added that there will be an opportunity to develop a better network for sailing because of the presence of so many sailing clubs which are located in the coastline. To conclude his interview Sam said that he finds sailing to be thrilling, calming and relaxing and he hopes that the sailors will also feel that way from now on.