The Team Challenge of New Chicago Mac Race

The CYCR to Mackinac is reveled its trophy of the inaugural team race. The name of the trophy is Point Betsie. The (STC) Storm Trysail Club is sponsoring this way to take part in the Race to Mackinac.

The winners of the Point Betsie Trophy will be in good company. The same kinds of trophies are awarded in the Transpac and Transatlantic Races 2019 as well as Block Island Race Week (BIRW). The NBR too has a same kind of team competition.

In order to participate, three monohull boats teams will come together to face opposite each other and it will be a team of three-boat. The team of boats having the best-joined percentage of placement in their respective divisions will survive. To become eligible for the race, teams have to be formed using boats racing in minimum two out of three monohull divisions. The term is that the team should not more than one boat of cruising division. The third term is boat will become eligible to take part only in one team.

A.J. Evans, the Storm Trysail Club, Commodore, said “Long back we recognized race Chicago-Mac Race as a ground, providing an opportunity to offshore sailors – proving the myth wrong that the worth of a sailor is measured in salt.”

He added, “There is a community who shares similar offshore experiences. With this, we are hoping that the competition will help in extending the companionship from boats to teams.”

Sarah Renz, the Chair of Race said, “At the time of a Mac, all boats remains focused on their individual performances, and of competitors in the section. We look forward to the PBT that will provide our racers some excuse for heightened companionship all across the divisions with old and new friends.