24 thoughts on “The World is Not Enough MEGA YACHT

  1. john johnson

    What if a rich person wanted to make his 100 acre estate like Summer time in Winter and he burned 1000 gallons of fuel an hour to keep it 80 degrees? Where would people say enough is enough. Imean because they are loaded they can just waste fuel while others have to conserve and drive around sardine cans. If everyone burned fuel like that there would be no oil left in a week.

  2. john johnson

    cocksucker can waste all the oil and go fast, just because he has a small dick. This is the kind of waste that should be shunned. I mean shit why not try to make an oil tanker that goes 500 miles an hour and the gigantic wave created sinks other tankers. These people need their shit burned to the water line. I think they should stop all racing cars except rally cars. Somebody needs to fuck this guy up for being an idiot. I mean the world only operates for the rich and the poor have to conserve

  3. john johnson

    OK, the richest dudes are the Rothschilds, They have 500 trillion. What if they wanted to make a boat a mile long and wanted it to go 300 miles an hour and it took 200 gallons a mile and they had oil tankers following them around like that would make sense? What if someone developed something that would suck 1000 gallons a second? Put out pollution like 10 oil refineries just for something to do. IF everyone wanted to drive a car it would take 800 billion barrels of oil a year, but

  4. Andrew Smith

    Well if he has earned that money so he can afford a mega yacht then I think he has the right to “Play and party.”

  5. john johnson

    Once he does this he’ll need a 200 foot yacht. Idiots like him need to do good shit with their money like expose why the world is fucked up. He just wants to play and party

  6. john johnson

    that is what kind of predator he is. If he tried to fuck a daughter and her father kicked the shit out of his fat nasty ass, THis cocksucker is why the world is fucked up. THey got big fucking egos, So they spend billions on nothing

  7. john johnson

    Rich cocksuckers is what we need more of. I’m sure he’s building some kind of house 20 times bigger than what he needs, Poor bastards just want to eat and get by and this guy spends mega millions on boats to go 50 fucking knots, What we need is BILLION yachts going 100 fucking miles an hour all over the fucking place

  8. john johnson

    this fat bastard buys all this shit as the Jews destroy our world rich cocksuckers like this just want to play like a kid in the sandbox, He spend mega millions to do fifty knots imagine if this is the shit people did,. Why not spend 100 billion a 500 foot shit that goes 50 mph I mean that is something this idiot should do

  9. alin boncioaga

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  10. VlPmsg


    Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Turn to Jesus Christ – Ask JESUS CHRIST to save you

  11. VicariousReality7

    Those fast noodles are poisooooooon, had two nissin ramen packs yesterday after not eating for a good while, and got an incredible headache for the rest of the day, i almost never have headaches
    So many chemicals and assloads of salt and bad fat

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