Tiara 50 Coup – Bringing A Sense Of Style

S2 Yachts has introduced the gen next of the premium America manufactured yachts with the Tiara 50 Coupe. The Tiara 50 series has been able to mark this new era with excellent style and comfort. It redefines world class comfort and luxury. It showcases innovative design as well as engineering. The performance of this series is just right to suit the modern lifestyle of today. Tom Slikkers, the CEO of Tiara Yachts said, “Life is about change, and modern buyers have changed the way they use their boats.” This very theory, along with thorough research helped and motivated Tiara in developing the Tiara 50 Coupe.

The first sight of the Tiara 50 Coup may bring in a lot of disbelief for the fans of Tiara. Why so? Well the crisp and contemporary styling that has been implied in this series is a lot different from the previous models launched by the company. Thus, the Tiara 50 Coup has a completely fresh look. Similarity of this model to that of the previous models lies in the fact that, the same commitment towards use of high quality hardware, proper finishing and equipment, has been maintained. The developers have rendered the age old solid construction that they always do.

According to George Hetzel, Sales and Marketing Vice President for S2 yachts, they have taken a “best practices approach” that has challenged all the departments to come out with such a ground breaking end result in the form of the new Tiara 50 Coup. Some of the best features of the Tiara 50 Coup include a 360 degree panoramic view from the salon and bridge deck. The salon has a single level deck, from the cockpit to the bridge, where a couple of steps divide entertaining from that of the business of the vessel operation. The design of the Tiara 50 Coup has a wide range of options that allow the users to customize the vessel according to their styles and choices.