US Prepares For The Olympics

With Rio games round the corner, there is much excitement and preparation in the air. For those who have already been part of such events and won accolades for the same, it is time that they inspire those who are getting ready for the epic battles.

One such authority figure is Josh Adams, who is managing director of the US Olympic Sailing Association. He has recently penned an open letter to all US sailors who have qualified for the event.

He states that the sailors who would be marching up the lines as part of the country’s Olympic sailing team need to be confident that they have put into rigorous preparations in order to be competent for the event. The Olympic quadrennial that was created by team Sperry helped the sailors to experience the kind of environment they would be facing in the Rio games.

The competition venue had been researched and worked upon so that the competitors would have a familiarity with the venue when they are there for the event – though there have been a fair number of Scotland bareboat charters to try to get ready too. There are certain racing conditions that would be challenging and there is a spirited culture in the region, which the teams need to be aware of. Also, health and safety concerns have been worked upon.

The team has worked hard on a fitness plan of high performance for the sailors and competitors. The athletes have trained extensively on the race courses prepared for the Olympics in the country. Athletes have sailed in race courses of Rio extensively and there is a world class level of the coaching staff that supports the competitors. They have practiced in courses in the Guanabara Bay as well as ocean courses that lay outside the bay. As a result the athletes are ready with a winning mindset as they forge ahead of the Olympics this year.