24 thoughts on “Craig Morgan – Redneck Yacht Club

  1. Jonah Hex

    Wow, I never expected my 1st comment to be so popular. I thank everyone who liked on it and responded to it as well. The funnest thing I’ve done that a redneck does, is ride a four wheeler. I was out for hours and had a blast! I have never really been on a boat before though. It looks like a great time to be had. I live in the city so there aren’t many places to do anything like this nearby. I still stand by what I said. Rednecks truly do know what fun is.

  2. Andrew Payne

    Just cause you miss spell somethin. Or auto correct doesn’t get what you’re sayin an ya don’t catch it. Doesn’t make you uneducated. Makes you human. An I’m proud to be from the country an the south. Rather than the north. Y’all think you’re sooo good at everything

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