7 thoughts on “Disney’s Yacht Club Resort 2013 Tour and Overview Walt Disney World HD 1080p

  1. Ashley Jarvis

    I’m going to this place this summer! I’m soooooo excited! I’ve never stayed at the yacht club before.

  2. disney parsons

    This is my favourite resort! Peaceful with fewer children and an ideal location between HS and the International gateway – can’t wait to be back in August 🙂

  3. 55sedf

    MJ Roy, from this resort, you could have a beautiful run along the waterfront path to Disney Studios and back.

  4. 55sedf

    Beautiful. Tried to get in Beach Club and Boardwalk with DVC for Food and Wine Festival and was not able to. Reserved regular rooms in Yacht club and watched this video to get fired up for it and I feel better. Thanks.

  5. MJ Roy

    Is there like somewhere that people run around resorts, or Downtown Disney, etc? Like running trails, or just different places that you know people like to run through?

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