24 thoughts on “Eclipse Super Yacht Arrives In Bermuda Jan 29 2013

  1. 1rawdawg007

    the amount of diesel in the fuel tanks would cost so much, I could retire with the money it takes to fill the tanks on this biotch..
    What a beautiful ship ! Hey, its his money, he can spend it however it pleases him.

  2. Tom Rawls

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  3. ishaco130

    Quiero este yate….con quien converso para comprarlo?, es urgente, lo necesito para ir al mundial de futbol en Brasil…

  4. Mcdonald Marian

    Sickening….to see this oligarchs throwing money to show off !!!! Like those Russian cheap newly rich fill tobacco in a $100 note and smoke in a restaurant or bars or night clubs, no difference! When you see the poor and pensioners who worked 40-50 years for the government and earn $75 as pension and live only on under the shelf produces!!!!

  5. jr lion

    I swear with the amount of mega yachts this guy has if there ever is a major world war he could convert them to battle ships and take over a small country.

  6. brian poole

    cant pay the military in his country and half the population lives in poverty but this ahole has a billion dollar boat.

  7. TheWerwelpe

    so go for “nirvana” which is for sale right now for just 230 mio € and she is beautiful in every angle. of in case your penis is so short you need somethign bigger, than givve Eclipse a try and charter it for around 2.5 mio € / week + expenses. but where to go with her, she is just much tooo big.

  8. TheWerwelpe

    nothing to be jealous about. many owners of 100m+ yachts come back to smaller ones because this size of 100m+ is ridiculous stupid. the most beautiful places on earth cannot accomodate such big ships and visitig ports around the wolrd in such yacht means to use the normal port for container or cruise ships which aren’t so often nice places. get somethign of around 80m and you are still to big for portofino for example.. but your variety of ports is much bigger than it is in such monster!

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