25 thoughts on “Redneck Yacht Club Memorial Weekend 2009 Mud Hole

  1. welderboy14

    Now there’s the Worlds most Stupid activity Gather around a Mud pit and go back and forth threw it over and over.

  2. porn1978

    I got tired of choosing a username that wasnt available…I LOVE porno lol..and “1978” is the year of my first car.

  3. drewski4144

    Those that comment negatively, obviously have never had the pleasure of partaking in this fun activity. It’s freakin’ awesome fun! Southerners and country folks are the most friendly people on the planet!

  4. 1988jmw

    so i have a mud truck and i want to paint it black and white and put police lights on the roof. anyone know if thats ok??

  5. laurajamesstewart

    Iam not sure u canuseGod and evolution together like that but if u believe in that evolution bs. U want understand what muding is all about anyway

  6. deborah wood

    soooo … the object is to …. get polluted, drive around hoot and holler at the other attendees while participants see which vehicle can get through this quarter mile mudhole and if you do get through you quality to RACE through it??? This must be the part of evolution from monkey to man that God missed.

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