25 thoughts on “Redneck Yacht Club, Punta Gorda, Florida November 2010

  1. stevemills690

    Best time me&my friends ever had sykesville md we will be there for 013 mor day we are bring the big white tk boys from md sea ya

  2. Jason Glance

    Im 13and i went to that place with my yamaha grizzly 600 with 30′ silverbacks HMF exhaust and custom snorkel on it

  3. james ryerson

    i miss going to this but we had to move so my dad can have a better job i cant wait till i move back and can be having fun in the mud and rednecking it up

  4. gavinztheman22

    Im from texas.never been outside of texas never wanted to go anywhere.i cant belive that many people from up north even people that live in diffrent countrys enjoy watchin what we do down here.and wanna come down south.makes me feel good.gives me my southern pride

  5. 1988jmw

    so i have a mud truck and i want to paint it black and white and put police lights on the roof. anyone know if thats ok??

  6. mike anderson

    yea i dont know about that haha i got my license about 5 months ago and im breaking everything on my truck but im learning how to fix em in transpertation tech i just need me a job

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