25 thoughts on “Worlds largest mega yacht Eclipse caught on video in the Caribbean

  1. bhcyachts

    The Azzam is being completed and its going to be 590’…33′ longer at a mere cost of about $600,000,000. Yikes. Better to just charter one from us.

  2. LordOftheMind

    it’s not that big, I am happy with cruise ship that has so much more to offer including hundreds of beautiful women and it costs $1000 lol, envy me

  3. HeroicHereticsHH3

    It’s only for DSLR, simply has very very bright UV lights that make it pretty much impossible to see. Just looks like a massive glare, but lots of phones today have anti UV filters unlike most DSLR, as they are meant to shoot RAW image and are meant to be customized, for example, using a lens to not take in UV light.

  4. jurkakm

    Jealousy is just as bad as greed so stfu people and stop worring what other people do with their lives and start working on yours so you may yourself become better.

  5. Puzzoozoo

    You have no idea how risky capitalism is, they took gambles and could have lost the lot. They put in long hours to get ahead and build their company, and a lot don’t have the week end off. So they are driven and have screwed over people on the way up. News flash: The world and human civilisation is a cold hard place, and has been that way for as long as humanity is in existence, and if you want to play with the big boys you have to know how to climb up the pyramid if you want get to the top.

  6. hellsbaby127

    I’m confused are you with me or against me? your first comment seems to agree with me, your second calls me a jealous pleb?
    If you think that people that own these type of boats are hard working, then I don’t agree, driven by greed and the need to out do the next person is an illness, you cannot get stupidly rich without screwing masses of people. What’s worse they are never happy and always want more? it’s an illness, and that’s why our world is fecked! greed, greed, greed all the way…

  7. Puzzoozoo

    They have worked harder, doing longer hours, and taken more risks then a jealous pleb like you will ever do.

  8. JuanCarlos CastilloDisla

    Kinda funny how this yacht sat next the biggest cruiship in the world when i arrived in st.marteen on Oasis Of The Seas. Oasis=1 billion Eclipse= 1.8billion lol

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