25 thoughts on “Inside A Billionaire’s 205-ft Mega-Yacht

  1. mdo686

    So great to see a rich guy spend his money on cool stuff. I would do the same. I hope he has a long life.

  2. Kelly Hans

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  3. Kdo Nikdo

    Money whealth will never ever be more than hearth and soul whealt. U can have as much money as u can, but u will never be part of my group. Group of heroes, group of prophets, inventors and people closest to this universe more than any of u poor soul robotic sheeps.

  4. Kdo Nikdo

    Assassins will come for u, u poor mind idiots. Step on my mother nature and I will step on your neck. Destroy enviroment by your blind rapacity and we will destroy your life. U will suffer the pain that hasn´t being shown in horrors yet. Welcome to war poor thing with no soul. We show not mercy for ones, that show not care, but only greed.

  5. Håkon Øyan Skog

    Wow. I saw that exact yacht a couple of weeks ago, when I was on Naxos, Greece. He was getting food supplies from a big truck, but of course. His crew took care of everything. It looks huge when you look at it here, but if you see it right in front of you , it looks even bigger. I took a picture of it with my Iphone, and only a small part of the yauht fitted on the picture.

  6. bpot1981

    That woman speaks eloquently. Every word clearly pronounced. Anyways, one day I shall have my own super yacht, and name it Sea Asshole, my Lambo a Road Asshole, and my private jet an Air Asshole! I shall live modestly and donate to worthy causes. Much power to this man, and his wealth. Money is out there for the taking, all you need is perseverance, and great ingenuity. A billion dollars, HERE I COME!!!

  7. Chris C

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  9. asdjh chalejd

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  10. perrogaruao

    well, your comments are so looser-style ….
    I am about to buy my first yacht. a 50ft 10 years old one.
    it is a beginning. I am 51.  work like an animal. I am not an a**hole …. my employees appreciate a lot the company, so your comments are very low ranked from my point of view. You are right, make money is not all about work , is about contact (as you say), also being in the right place the right moment, don’t waste opportunities and think a lot. I am trying to learn …

  11. ryratsephable

    Lmfao at his wife….so…so typical. “You have money?…..THAT MAKES YOU ATTRACTIVE”

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