23 thoughts on “Megayacht / Superyacht “A”

  1. PDZ1122

    Absolute proof that the more money you have , the less taste. It is fugly beyond all comprehension.

  2. Tommunbeig

    It was built in Kiel, Germany, a kilometre or so along from the COLOR Lines ferry terminal a year or two ago.

  3. Karen Wyness

    I actually had the wonder opportunity to work on A…..you should see the inside! Basins made of crystal….

  4. karina3731

    this boat is in the movie friends with benefits with mila kunis and justin timberlake! its in the part where they are on the beach just before the 1 hour mark!

  5. Trevor Mohlenkamp

    The wall street journal did a video of the interior. It’s called something like inside a russian billionares yacht.

  6. thetafster

    i im lookink a it in this moment out of my window in mallorca (spain) it is on key 6 in club de mar!!!!!

  7. Carports Adelaide

    thats gotta be he biggest waste of 300M that i can think of, that is one god damn ugly boat

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