23 thoughts on “Yacht Racing Promo – Superyacht Media

  1. Christian Gotsch

    maybe I’m the only one but I would love to see the AC boats like this with more competitors and huge crews

  2. jack887

    Perfect song for this spectacular footage! Makes me wish I wasn’t terrified of water deeper than 6 inches…

  3. Brad Nace

    This video will be hard to match. Great choreography, videography, sound… dark but great. Wonderful job!

  4. Belinda Del Pesco

    Needs more tags…. Spent too long searching for it to show some friends. Add search terms.


    Play LOUDLY! There some places only the ‘fortunate ones’ get to travel, this is one of those.

  6. William Spradley

    This is absolutely one of the best yacht racing videos ever. I love the back ground music.

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