25 thoughts on “Pure Insanity Super Yacht By Baglietto In Antibes

  1. dontchuckitson

    Totally agree! Can you imagine what it’s like inside this thing!! It was just stunning, it stood out like no other when I was down there. Well, no other in this particular section, anyway!

  2. tigergreg8

    I’d love to see the inside of that boat. Love the lines and look of it, but it’s a bit dark for my taste, But whoever designed it, did an awesome job.

  3. filip mybutt

    thats nothing, palmer johnson just built a 220 ft supersport that would leave that thing in its wake


    HA HA Take a look at i phone production plant in China!!!
    most billionaire make charity a business to pay less taxes, own more markets and earn more money! Like Bill Gates in Africa: the only thing he want by “helping” africans is to rule cure market in Africa!!!
    warren Buffett had put 37 billion dolars in that foundation!!! Phylanthropy? No; investment!!!
    A capitalist stay a capitalist!!!

  5. dontchuckitson

    The former 🙂 it comes from a school thing when we played cricket and our P.E teacher said it about a million times at people who could’t bowl properly! It was pretty funny!

  6. aaktow

    you are a fucking moron, most billionaire like steve , bill gates and ted turner for example have given away billions of dollars to there charities in africa and other poor nations.. they pay millions in taxes and employ a lot of people.. keep your ignorant comments to yourself.. you only look stupid which you are.

  7. rubadubu112

    What a jealous piece of trash, Stephen is, children will always starve to death no matter how many Billionaires. Stephen will always be inadequate as a human. A billionaire will have the ability to help.

  8. GorgorothVK

    What do you think how many workers families got fed by building this and similar boats?

    Adding to that, you can’t just buy everyone food, that’s not a solution to the problem (and would just make matters worse, in fact).

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